Sardinia Island- Enchanting beauty

Updated: May 4

An ancient land with an ancient language, Sardinia is a uniquely fascinating place, forged by many centuries of culture and history, in its strategic position at the center of the Mediterranean. Its awe-inspiring treasures of the past, such as the Nuraghic bronzes in Cagliari and the Megalithic tombs of the giants, can be admired in the island’s many museums, or in its archaeological areas, some dating back as far as the 7th century BC. And standing silently ever present across the island, the enigmatic Nuraghs; these round fortresses built in pre-historic times still survive as powerful symbols of the tenacity of Sardinia and its people.All this combines with the breathtakingly beautiful and varied natural environment to create a truly special place.

Sardinia has some of Italy’s best beaches and on this tour we make sure that you’ll have time to enjoy them. A world apart, an island separated from the rest of Italy not only by the sea but also by centuries of history and cultural experience.

Sardinia is an island you cannot ignore. After visiting it, you will carry a memory in your heart that leaves you with nostalgia and a strange sensation, veiled with a sad yearning for something missing; it’s the Sardinia sickness. The scenery of this land seems to want to cherish heritage of myths and legends. This is not only a land of Nuraghi (pre-historic Sardinian round towers) and megalithic tombs, remains of a glorious and fascinating past, it is still motherland of shepherds, modern representatives of the ancient king-shepherds of the Nurahic society; it is also a land of beaches, famous the world over, which boast fine sands and a sea of wonderful transparency.

Unlike its sister island, Sicily, which absorbed and gave way to centuries of cultural colonisations, Sardinia has maintained its fierce independence and never lost its unique traditional identity. Sardinian history is one of centuries of isolation, preserving ancient local traditions with little outside interference. Religious festivals, earthy cuisine, music inspired by the sounds of nature, and deep-rooted language are the pride of its residents and inspire admiration from its visitors. Along with its pristine beaches, untamed nature and pre-historic sites, Sardinia is truly a unique and unforgettable place to visit.Rent a villa with pool with Secret Villas in the stunning Island of Sardinia

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