Street Food in Palermo,Sicily Capital city

Updated: May 3

Sicily in an Italian island that has a long list of conquerors, and this has had a huge impact on its culture, and it’s food. If you are thinking this consists of pizza and meatballs, guess again. Eating like a local on a Palermo street food tour will definitely expand your previous range of standard food choices

Renowned for its tasty street food, no trip to Palermo would be complete without sampling the best of what its bustling markets provide. Taking a street food tour with a local guide allows you to both explore the cultural heart of Palermo and discover its history through the vibrant sights, sounds, smells and tastes on offer. Beginning near the Teatro Massimo, you will visit Palermo’s lively Capo Market, filled not only with fresh meat, cheese and produce, but also a tasty selection of traditional street food. As you wander amongst the market stalls you will snack on a range of these foods such as pizza-like sfincione flatbread and warm arancini risotto balls, or, if you are feeling daring, nearly every part of the bull served on a skewer. As you taste each new food your guide will explain its historical significance and how it became part of Sicily’s food culture. Leaving the market you will meander towards the Quattro Canti where four matching Baroque buildings, adorned with statues and fountains, mark the intersection of two of the city’s principal streets. Here you will stop at a cafe for coffee or a traditional Sicilian frozen treat, granita.We shall commence the tour from the stunning city of Palermo for a three nights stay in a central five stars hotel, then continuing to medieval Agrigento where we’ll fall in love with the majestic Valley of the Temples.The tour continues to discover the Eastern corners of Sicily for a three nights stay in the enchanting town of Siracusa and a final appreciation of the splendid and romantic town of Taormina.If you are looking for an Island of a difference, Sicily is the right choice for you.Rent a villa in Sicily with Secret Villas and you’ll discover Sicily’s rich culture, traditions, history, food, and wine and above all have lots of fun!

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